I saw this the other day and it truly made me smile all day long.  There is so much we can learn from animals. One of the biggest things is allowing them to remind us its ok to stop, breathe and just be in the moment. Trust me there are plenty of times I suck at this when taking Roscoe on a walk. He walks so bloody slow it drives me bonkers. However, I am learning to be more mindful in my walks and give him his time to explore the world while I do the same. The other day I left my phone at home and it was such a great walk. Yes, he still went insanely slow but it forced me to look up and see trees and clouds instead of email messages. I am learning to make our daily walks fun.

Next time you are on a walk make it an adventure. Look up at the clouds and try and find an image. See how many butterflies you can spy. Instead of hiding from those neighbors, seek them out and throw a smile their way. Seriously, this can be fun guys. I am not advocating you turn into a crazy scary creeper walker but take the time to be “In” the walk instead of “on” the walk. Hope that makes sense.

Now let’s get back to those cute dogs! Aren’t they just the best?

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