10 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

10 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

All women should lift weights. Here’s why I am so passionate about this topic. I fought it for years!!!!

According to Becky Miller from Livestrong.com, “Women begin losing muscle mass around the age of 35, and the process accelerates after menopause, or around the age of 50 unless you strength train regularly. You can preserve your precious muscle and develop beneficial new lean muscle mass by lifting weights. Also known as strength and resistance training, your body responds immediately on a cellular level in response.” If that is not enough reason for you to lift that weight check out these other very important reasons.

1. You will lose body fat more effectively.

While aerobic exercise burns fat AND muscle, weightlifting burns almost exclusively fat, because you are building muscle. Also, you burn calories by doing nothing. As you are reading this, you are burning calories. You can calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate here. Because muscle mass is a huge factor in determining your BMR, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when you are sitting there doing nothing. Besides the calories burned during your workout, you’ll continue to torch calories for a prolonged window afterward.

2. Your quality of sleep will be increased.

I’m sure you that you have experienced that lovely night-after-a-workout-sleep where you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night. I love that feeling. Strength training aids your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake less often during the night. According to the International SportMed Journal, morning resistance training greatly affects the quality of sleep and lengthens the time of sleep the night after training.

3. Your energy level will increase.

As well as increased calories burned, resistance training causes an increase in energy expenditure hours after you train. A study published by the National Institute of Health suggests that “the chronic increase in energy expenditure, even after a minimal resistance training session, may favorably affect energy balance and fat oxidation”. A balanced energy means that you don’t have crashes throughout the day. I know what you’re thinking how does a workout out give me MORE energy. But trust me, give it a try. You’ll have more energy when you need it, and a great night’s sleep after taking on a busy day.

4. Your heart will be happy.

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t the only exercise that helps your heart.  One Appalachian State University study found that people who performed 45 minutes of moderately intense resistance training lowered their blood pressure by 20 percent. It also serves to increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind of cholesterol), and lower your RHR (resting heart rate). A lower resting heart rate means that the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to do basic day to day tasks.

5. Your bones will thank you.

Weight lifting doesn’t exclusively strengthen your muscles, your bones become stronger and denser too. For example, when you do a bicep curl, your muscles tug on the bones in your arm, which reacts by creating new cells.

6. It prevents the metabolic decrease that comes with age.

We all know that as we age, our metabolisms slow down. If you are someone who envies those teenagers who eat and drink whatever they want and don’t gain an ounce, then weight lifting is the sport for you. Weight lifting can prevent and/or reverse the natural decline in your metabolism (which begins in your late 20s and early 30s).

7. It improves your posture.

There’s nothing worse than a bad posture. It takes a toll on your spine, back muscles, and overall confidence. Luckily, there are awesome exercises that can help improve your posture; deadlifts, squats, planks, and more. The stronger your muscles are, the easier it is for them to hold you up straight.

8. It lowers your blood pressure.

Weightlifting can actually lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Recent studies have proved that it can lower it by two and four percent. According to the American Heart Association, you only need to fit in two or three sessions a week to start seeing positive results. So ditch the treadmill or elliptical for 2 days out of your week and see what it can do for you!

9. It releases endorphins.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and enhance pleasure. Basically, endorphins make you happy, and who doesn’t want to be happy? Endorphins get released during exercise and resistance training. They are released during long, continuous workouts when the intensity is moderate to high and breathing is difficult. Because you constantly push yourself when you are lifting weights, endorphins are released a lot more frequently than if you were to walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes.

10. You will be stronger physically AND mentally.

“Strength has a funny way of bleeding into all areas of your life, in the gym and out,” says Jen Sinkler, an Olympic lifting coach and author of Lift Weights Faster. Stepping into the male infested weight section as one of the only women, your self-confidence is really tested. Getting past the fear of the weight section is a really awesome feeling. Trying new weight lifting positions and moves feels awesome. Constantly challenging yourself grows your self-confidence in ways you never thought possible.

But I don’t want to get bulky and manly!

The only ways for women to build significant amounts of muscle, to the point where they start looking manly, are to:

  1. take steroids
  2. take HGH, testosterone, or other hormones (other than things prescribed by your doctor)
  3. have abnormally high levels of natural testosterone, which is extremely rare and you’d be aware of it if you had it

Don’t believe me? Here are some pictures of women who lift.


Chalene Johnson of TurboFire and PiYo






Jamie Eason, fitness model and bodybuilding.com spokesperson 

jamie eason


Autumn Calabrese of the 21 Day Fix




Here is my FAVORITE lady weightlifter.  How can you not be inspired?

Now, this person REALLY inspires me? Wait who is that?????? Yes, that is me lol. I might not be as toned as the ladies above but I am getting stronger and more confident each day and I love myself for staying in the game and never allowing myself to quit. Each day might not be stellar but each time I push play.

Believe me yet? Good, now go pick up some dumbbells and experience the health benefits for yourself and if you need another article check out this one on why HITT workouts can be one of the best things you do for your body.


Country Heat – A NEW Country Dance Workout

Country Heat – A NEW Country Dance Workout

Dust off those cowboy boots hanging out in the back of your closet and get ready for some SERIOUS fun! Wait, I’m sure you’re thinking fun? Didn’t this lady just say it was a workout? YES! It’s a workout, and YES it is so much fun! Not only is it fun, it will shed the pounds off! Country Heat is now out! Click here to get yours today!

country heat graphic

Even if you are new to this whole fitness thing, this workout is for you. Can’t dance? Don’t worry, the moves and routines in this workout are EASY to learn and do! Love country music? This program is FILLED with chart-topping music that you have heard on the radio. You have some oldies but goodies, some newer music, and an all-around KICK ASS playlist!

Country Heat is available NOW! Click Here to get yours!

You may know Autumn from the 21 Day Fix, and now she’s back and better than ever! This former dancer knows how to kick your booty into shape, and now she is doing it with fun, upbeat routines guaranteed to get you sweating!

turn the music on

Is it really possible to lose weight and get fit using this program?

The answer is YES. If you have trained with Autumn before, you know she doesn’t mess around when it comes to breaking a sweat. The beauty of this workout is that it doesn’t feel like just another workout. It is fun, and has moves that will really whip you into shape!

How long is this program?

30 days! Give yourself one month and prepare to see some awesome results! See these awesome women’s results in just 30 days!

country heat lisa country heat stefanie

Do I have to be physically fit already to try this program?

No! The beauty of this program is that anyone can do it. It is low impact, which means that it is perfect for any fitness level. There are also modifying moves just like any other Beachbody program! This program is designed to target all areas of your body! You should talk to your doctor before starting any fitness program.

What are the workouts like?

The workouts are 20-30 minutes long. The moves are intended to be full body workouts. You will break a sweat, dance to awesome songs, and have a lot of fun! This is the perfect program if you are looking to burn calories and tone up your whole body!

Country Heat Songs

How much is it and what is included?

You have a few options on price for this awesome program. The dance program itself includes 5 workouts plus one total body toning workout. With this, you will receive a quick-start guide, a 30 day workout calendar, portion-control containers (like the 21 Day Fix), and a nutrition guide.

The Country Heat Base Program ($59.85) includes:

  • Giddy Up
  • Down and Dirty
  • Bring the Heat
  • Country Swing
  • Trail Ride
  • Dance Conditioning
  • Bonus Workout: Dance Mash-Up

The Country Heat Deluxe Kit ($119.70) Includes the additional workouts:

  • Cardio Round Up
  • Saddle Up Line Dance
  • Wild Goose Chase

The Country Heat Challenge Pack includes the Base Program PLUS 30 Days of Beachbody on Demand (online streaming!) and Shakeology! The beauty of the challenge pack is that you will save around 25% off the retail prices! 

Click here to get yours today!


This program is a MUST TRY if you have ever felt bored or burnt out from your typical workouts. These workouts will revamp your love for fitness and get you excited to work out again!




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