Be your own expert

Be your own expert

Every day someone is telling you what you should eat, what is good for you, what is bad for you, what is the new superfood, what is rotting your insides, what will give you energy, what will make you lethargic. I am guilty of it as well sometimes BUT I want to take a moment and share with you my philosophy on food a little deeper today. YOU are the only one that knows what the right diet is for you to eat. YOU are the one in your body and YOU are the one that can feel how you react to certain foods.

I can not stand being told what to do. Right? If your like me this is probably you as well. After all we are all adults. I learned from a young adult age that all those experts who thought they knew the answers to my health issues really were just guessing. I am not saying they were trying to lie to me or anything what I am saying is that no one ever got to really know me and listen to my symptoms. Not one of the 8 doctors I saw over a year period really stopped and listened to me but more importantly they never taught me to listen to myself and my body. In my coaching practice I teach people to be their own expert.

After years of research and education I now realize that there is no one answer to everyone’s health problem. There is no one cure to cancer, everyone reacts differently to certain foods, meditation, medication and other holistic approaches. Everyone’s mindset is in a different place, our bodies are all unique yet we go to the doctor and they give us the same damn shit as the person that just left his/her office. Sorry for the curse word but it really makes me livid to see this happening. I am resentful and thankful for my health journey at the same time. I am resentful because I lost years of my life listening to these bozo’s and not learning to listen to me. I am thankful because my journey forced me to look within, to research, to learn how the mind works, to learn how my body works, to learn about different healing methods but most important to learn that what works for Johnny might just not work for me and likewise. Bottom line the message here is we all have the chance to feel better, there is always a way, we just need to learn how to get there. If you are struggling with a health condition, your weight, feeling happy or just over all feeling alive please do not settle. Do not feel there is not any hope. I am living proof there is. You DESERVE it.

If you are interested in learning more about my health coaching I ¬†would like to invite you to a FREE 15 minute consultation call. Let’s chat and see if I can be helpful in starting you down YOUR own journey to feeling healthy and alive. You can message me by using our contact us form on our home page.

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