Last night I tossed and turned as I was thinking of a client of mine that is struggling. This client is stuck and looking for a way out. She is not feeling healthy, happy, or challenged the right way in life at the moment.  She is very overwhelmed. This breaks my heart but it is more normal than all of us probably want to admit.  If you take a moment to reflect back, you can  probably find a time in life when you were stuck as well.

Do you remember how you got out of it?  I have worked with a lot of individuals and I can confidently say I don’t care what their condition was, their diagnosis was, how large or how small they were,  the answer is you need to start by taking one step out.  Yikes I know that is scary because you are already afraid, frustrated and a little angry. Here is the deal, we as individuals usually want to have that fix come instantly. Who wouldn’t want to feel better at the snap of a finger. Unfortunalty for most of us, it  just doesn’t work that way. ( at least with any staying power)

If you can find the courage to take one step today, then one tomorrow and just keep going with those little tiny steps you just might surprise yourself as you start to feel a little unstuck. If we don’t set crazy high expectations for ourselves we won’t feel that heavy burden off that huge goal hanging over our head. I am a fan of big goals don’t get me wrong but I have yet to see anyone be successful with just setting one big goal without the little guys in place first.

If you have something you want to accomplish: Job change, weight loss, change of diet, new home etc I would like to encourage you to take out a piece of paper and write out some baby goals. I try and write at least three baby goals.  Here are some tips to help you with the process of making baby goals:

  • Consider the goals you want to set. Go back over the previous year and see what you want to maintain, to improve, and to change.  You want to pick goals that are important to you and that can be achieved in a short period of time.
  • Now prioritize these goals.  Of course you want to hit them all but you have to understand that goals are not stuck in stone. Which one is the most important?
  • Next what are your action steps to achieve these goals? Give yourself a minimum of 3 action steps for each goal. For example if one of them is to get a new job an action step might be “I will join a local chamber of commerce and network with people”.  If your goal is to exercise more, your action step might be  ” I will walk 20 minute 5 days a week”
  • Lastly you need to set a time frame you want to achieve these goals. I usually suggest no longer than two weeks for the baby goals. If you don’t hit that goal in that time frame its ok. Goals are meant to be revised. Edit it as you need to and then put it on your next set of baby goals.

Please message me if you would like any help with this, I love helping people set goals. I will go over some other great goal setting tips in another post. Setting log term goals can be a lot of fun 🙂  In the meantime, please try and take a step out today. Do not run, just step 🙂

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