I HATE chemicals. Yes, I said the HATE word. I just get so ticked off when beauty companies feel the need to fill their brown sugar scrub products with preservatives and toxins that can be harmful to our body. One of the reasons I know they add these preservatives is to make them shelf-stable. The term “shelf-stable” alone gives me the creeps. I have had a lot of requests from my clients to offer a  brown sugar scrub and various salt scrubs, but after careful thought, I have decided against adding scrubs to my aromatherapy store. The main reason being the “P” word. No matter what anyone tells you, there isn’t a natural preservative on the market. I have done my research and they just haven’t figured it out yet. I am not a scientist or chemist so I rely on the professionals in the field I respect to guide me in the right direction. As of now, I have made the decision not to make blends that would require a preservative. I still make brown sugar scrubs and salt scrubs for family and friends. I just ask that they use them right away so there is no opportunity for any of that nasty bacteria to get in.

The following is one of my favorite brown sugar scrub recipes.

• 4 oz. brown sugar – no need to get organic
• 2 oz. coconut oil
• 1/2 oz. of your favorite vanilla body wash soap. I like to use Saavy’s wash when I use this recipe.
• 15 drops Frankincense if you don’t have any Frankincense you can use Ylang Ylang or Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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• 10 drops Cedarwood
• 5 drops Patchouli
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if you don’t like Patchouli you can try Lavender

1. Combine the brown sugar, coconut oil and body wash in a jar and mix. I like to use a mason jar but you need to be careful with glass in the bathroom.
2. Make sure you add enough body wash to create a scrub like texture. It will seem oily but it will dry up over time.
3. Mix in the essential oils, cover, and shake gently.
4. Make your label.
After the scrub sits for awhile, the oil will rise to the top. When this happens just put the lid on and shake it or give it a stir with a plastic spoon. Do not use your finger to stir it. You want to try and minimize your hands in the scrub. Even though you think those hands are clean, trust me there is bacteria on them. I know… gross Judy right?

Caution This brown sugar scrub will make the shower floor really slippery for you and the next person who takes a shower. Make sure you wipe down the shower floor each time. This brown sugar scrub recipe makes a small batch for a reason. Since you are not using a preservative, try to use it up within a few months.

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