I am a huge fan of all types of tea. I got hooked on tea when I was trying to control my senseless snacking years ago. I discovered that the different varieties of teas satisfied the vast amount of cravings I would have throughout the day. Since that day back in 2010 I have discovered I love green, white and herbal teas the most. One thing I did discover was that brewing tea can be very tricky and can make or break a good cup of tea.

I think I’ve tried all types of brewing teas and purchased every gizmo on the market. My tea experience changed the day I was messing around on Amazon and found the Breville One Touch Brewer. At first the sticker price gave me pause but after seeing a demo and watching what this stainless steel beauty could do I was hooked.


The BEST part of this machine is its ability to regulate the temperature and steeping time according to the type of tea you are brewing. Nothing irks me more than when you go into a coffee shop and order green tea and they pour the same hot water into the cup they use to make Americanos. HELLO, people, green tea needs to be at 160 degrees not 212 like Americanos. The wrong temperature and incorrect steeping time can make an excellent blend of tea taste bitter and stale.

I am so thrilled to see tea spring into stores and health shops. Tea is not only amazing for you but it is also busting with flavors when you get the good stuff. I have tried the good, the bad, the ugly and the OMG this stuff rocks kind. One thing that I have discovered is I am a tea snob and insists on full leaf loose leaf organic tea. It DOES taste different. Tea is very heavily sprayed so getting the organic stuff matters to me. I can almost taste the chemicals in the tea dust that comes in bags. My favorite teas right now are these beauties I found locally in my own town. I know the herbalist and trust her completely. She pours her heart into these organic blends.  My second favorite is Curr Berry from Wild Tea and my third favorite is Cape Town Rooibos from The Tao of Tea.

I did want to share with you another way to brew your loose leaf tea. Mike laughs at me all the time because I have so many kitchen gizmos’s. I can’t help it I love the kitchen!!! This is a brewer I use when I travel. It is super convenient and works really well. It makes a great gift too.

Breville One Touch Tea Brewer
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Brew some tea, it does the body good 🙂

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