This is one strange looking piece of equipment right? When I first saw this at the gym I was like “what the heck is that alien looking thing?” Better yet, you should have seen what happened once I stood on it!

Since that day many years ago I have grown to love, love, love this funny looking piece of rubber. The BOSU ball is a small piece of equipment that can really bring your fitness to a new level. People who train with a BOSU ball will notice that there is an increase in intensity of their workout routine because of the decreased stability while completing the exercises.  The BOSU ball allows people of all fitness levels to gain an excellent full-body workout and have some fun.

The BOSU ball was invented in the year 2000 by a gentleman by the name of David Weck. BOSU originally stood for “Both Sides Up,” meaning you can use either the flat or the rounded side depending on your workout. Let me tell you they both deliver a very different feeling and different workout entirely.  As you can tell by the picture you have one side with a rubber dome on it and the other side with a hard flat platform.

Here are the reasons I love the BOSU ball:

  1. Because the BOSU is an unstable surface it requires you to engage your core muscles with every move.
  2. It requires you to use your center of gravity which increases your balance ability and helps tone your muscles at the same time.
  3. It is a total body workout every time.
  4. It is small and can easily fit in my home gym.
  5. I can do lunges, planks, sit ups, push ups, bicycle crunches, shoulder extensions, bicep/triceps extensions, ice skater hops. You get my point? Basically you can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It makes everything just a little bit harder and can completely change your workout.

I really think this is an excellent addition to anyones home gym or a great new exercise to try at your local gym.  Do not be fooled by its pretty color and small stature. This dude rocks and will help you create change. I purchased mine at a local sports store but you can get it at Amazon as well.  I would shop around for the best deal. They can be a little expensive but worth every penny.

Thumbs up for the BOSU ball.






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