Life has ups and downs – we can agree on that, right?

It’s the rollercoaster of life, and it’s a beautiful ride — even with the dips. One thing is for sure — those dips will happen to each one of us. We can’t escape them, but we can prepare ourselves for them.

What is your initial reaction when you’re heading into a tough time? Do you call on your closest friends and rally support for yourself, or do you tend to close up and handle it alone?

No matter what your natural reaction is, being aware of what you do when triggered is a significant piece of the puzzle. If your tendencies are less than healthy, brainstorm what you can replace your unhealthy reactions with that can help move you forward in a healthy way.

Currently when I feel something ick coming my way or when it hits me hard I try to just accept it. I know that sounds weird and trust me it ain’t easy and I ain’t perfect at it. However, I have learned at least for me being angry only makes the healing slow down. I don’t have to like what is happening but I can accept it so I can then deal with it. This has taken great practice and like I said I am not perfect at it. I also do everything I can to get out of the house. Working from home can sometimes feel smothering and the walls can make things worse. For me, the ocean has been my best friend lately. It listens well 🙂 without judgment and helps guide me to my own strength. When I have the opportunity to step away I seem to find a way to get back in line with what is really important.

Sometimes, in between the highs and lows, we can feel completely stuck on the tracks. Have you ever felt like you were in a lull, where you weren’t moving forward or backward? That’s completely normal, too. If you had to name something right now, what would you say helps end your lull, and puts you back on track? I’d love to hear, feel free to email me or hit reply.

Here are some resources that might help you if you are feeling stuck. Just remember every day, every moment is an opportunity to get unstuck.

Brad Yates Tapping Video
Three Reasons You Are Feeling Stuck- Deepak Chopra
How to Find Fulfillment- Sarah McLean

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