It is Monday Munchie time at All in the Balance and today we are going to chat about an Unorthodox Summer Salad!!!!


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Peaches and tomatoes together are freaking amazing. I know what you are thinking- ewe right? I promise this salad was really a very pleasant surprise. When I first told Mike what I was making he tilted his head back a little. I know he trusts me in the kitchen, however, I do make my fair share of flops. Thankfully he has an open mind and is always willing to try anything. This combination was a thumbs up from both of us.


An Unorthodox Summer Salad


3 Peaches- Organic if possible. Peaches are #6 on the Dirty Dozen list.

1/4 Diced red onion

5 Basil leaves- Roll and chop. I use this herb cutter a lot and love it.

Handful of cherry tomatoes- chopped

A few squirts of fresh lemon

1 Tablespoon Lankanto Maple Syrup – You can also use real maple syrup


This salad is so easy to make. First, go grab a medium-size bowl and put in your diced peaches. Next add in your chopped onions, chopped basil and cherry tomatoes. Mix together well. Next, add your maple syrup and a few squirts of fresh lemon juice. Lime juice would work as well. If you like salt, feel free to add a few dashes. Mix everything together and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This salad gets better with time.

We took this to our beach picnic. It was so refreshing. This dish not only tastes kick ass it is really pretty as well.

Our CSA- Garden of Eden Organics. If you are not in San Diego check this link out to see if you have a CSA near you.

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