If you have ever even THOUGHT about a home business in fitness (trust me it CAN be done) or just want a discount on great workouts and nutritional supports, check this video out. If this is something you decide to go for, I will walk you through the entire process and set you up right to start earning money right away. If you promise to put in the work, I will NOT let you fail. I love what I do and everyday I give thanks that three years ago I said YES when this opportunity was presented to me. I love working with people and I love creating change. I am not a fitness guru or a doctor of health but I do believe in hard work and exercise and the change it can create.

The only mandatory things you need to have to get started are the following:

The willingness to learn ( Beachbody provides the best of the best training on social media marketing, fitness marketing, nutritional information and business ownership training

Be willing to spend one hour a day minimum on the business

Be willing to share your own fitness story (you can be just starting or already at the fitness level you want, you just have to be willing to share with people) One of my team members has been over weight her whole life. She just started working out recently and loves what it does for her. She was hesitant to sign up as a coach because of her appearance and did not think people would take her seriously. Guess what? She is killing it because she is honest and real and is sharing her love for fitness. It is so freaking awesome to watch.

So many have messaged me for more info in the past and then got nervous to make the move. Let’s do it. Let’s take this summer and work together. I will walk you through every step and I promise you, you will not only be loving it, but loving the feeling you get from helping people in a very short time. You can start for as low as $140!!!! Seriously $140 to be your own boss, hove your own tax write offs, work from home, and the list goes on.

Watch this video, its time to push play and do something you have always wanted to do.

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