Have you ever heard of dry brushing? I had heard about it years ago and was totally confused what it really was all about. Honestly I thought it was some fancy way to scratch your back or exfoliate your skin. Man was I wrong. Dry brushing is so much more than that and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I did a quick video to show you how I dry brush.  In the video I only speak about one of the benefits of dry brushing but please know there are many. I  also want you to know there is no rocket science method to doing this. The one rule that I think you need to adhere too is always move in the direction of your heart, other than that have at it and have fun. (PS) Remember when I use the oil blend it is ever so lightly, only a very tiny bit as you want your skin to be mostly dry.  🙂

Here are some good articles on Dry Brushing




Here is the brush I use.   I do not have my website up yet so I can not provide you with a link for the essential oil blend I use when I dry brush but you can email me at judy@allinthebalance.com if you are interested in it.

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