Its time for a quick product review. I have not done a product review in a long time because I have been busy with my nutrition clients, my oils and my accountability groups. I am sorry but have no fear I am back on it and many more reviews are coming your way soon.

Do you like coffee? I love coffee and I truly believe that it is not bad for you as so many like to think. There are just a few things you want to keep in mind with coffee. 1) Always buy your beans organic as coffee beans are very heavily sprayed and 2)If you suffer from cardiac or other nervous symptoms because of your caffeine intake then cut back or find another alternative to that morning cup of Joe. If you are looking for a great non caffeine drink check out this post I did on herbal coffee. I love this almost as much as my cup of Java, ALMOST  🙂

I am a gadget freak as we all know so when it comes to brewing coffee I have lots of different ways to do it depending on my mood.  Today I would like to share with you two of these ways.

The first is the Aeropress by Aerobie. I love this little guy. I purchased mine through Amazon for $25.00. This is a great little portable brewing system. Check out the video review I did for the Aeropress.

Pretty much the only thing I do not like about this little dude is that it is plastic. Now like I said in the video it is BPA free but I still like glass better. I use this at least once a day. This makes a great gift for your friend or family member that travels a lot or maybe your son or daughter away at college.

The second coffee brewing system I would like to share with you is the Cafe Barista by Mr. Coffee. Yes I said Mr. Coffee. At first when I started researching espresso machines I was totally turned off because I still think of Mr. Coffee being cheap plastic machines. I was so surprised to find I was completely wrong with  this machine. Now let me make sure you know there are two types of expresso machines. 1) Steam-driven espresso machine and 2) Pump-driven espresso machine. The steam-driven is not the most loved by true coffee drinkers but it is more affordable. The only one that I found that was maybe worth a consider in my opinion was one by Mr. Coffee as well. I went right past this one because I was looking for one with a little more umf. I am not a coffee snob but I wanted one that would deliver.  The next category is pump-driven and there are a lot of sub categories here when it comes to machines.  If you want more info on the different types of machines you can look here.

I purchased my Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista from Bed, Bath and Beyond with my 20% coupon. I think it was around $200 before the coupon. This machine falls in the middle of the pump-driven machines. It was not the fanciest but it was no slacker machine either. I love it. Mike laughs because it is pretty loud and it sounds like it is taking off. Here is my video review of the Cafe Barista. The only thing I do not like about it is cleaning it 🙁  Since I steam almond milk I need to make sure and clean it good after each use. I just rinse it in the sink.

Who wants some coffee?

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