The wind was blowing hard today here in Carlsbad and it brought with it a great chill in the air.  I know that those of you in almost any other place around the world are probably laughing at me but cut me some slack… I am a native California girl.  When I think of cold weather the first thing I always think of is lattes. I love coffee lattes and tea lattes. I am sick and tired of giving my money to Starbucks so a few months back I invested in this amazing little kitchen gadget.

This appliance is called a frother. I purchased it from COSTCO but I do not think they carry it anymore. I paid $45 for it back then but you can get it at Amazon for just a little bit more. I just love this guy. I have made chocolate milk for the girls as well and it turned out great. I use almond milk but it works with any dairy or non dairy liquid.

I did do an impromptu video for you. I hope it helps.  I think this would be a great addition to your holiday list or a great gift for any of your coffee and tea loving friends.  Below I have highlighted some of the great features you can expect with this appliance.


Capresso Froth PRO Automatic Milk Frother

Thick and Rich Frothed Milk

Designed to create thick and rich frothed milk for cappuccinos, steamed milk for cafe lattes, and frothy hot chocolate, the new Capresso Froth PRO Automatic Milk Frother produces professional quality results with a quick touch of a button. Three temperature settings – hot, warm and cold, open up a variety of options for delicious beverages with a creative touch. This stand-alone appliance is an ideal complement to any coffee maker, espresso machine or the hot chocolate lover! The unit features a black pitcher along with a black base with stainless steel accents and illuminated touch pad buttons. The smart design includes dual auto shut-off for safety and a storage compartment in the bottom of the base to hold the two frothing discs and one heating disc that come with the unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique frothing disk (patent pending) delivers maximum milk froth
  • Dual auto shut-off for safe operation
  • Large Capacity- 8 oz for frothing or 12 oz for heating without frothing
  • Three temperature settings: cold, hot, warm
  • Scratch resistant non-stick milk pitcher with stay cool handle
  • Three illuminated operating buttons
  • Two frothing disks / One heating disk
  • Dishwasher safe removable milk pitcher with see-through lid

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