Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps is on its way and I am super excited about it.

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Well OK super excited might be a stretch; part of me is a little terrified. Tony Horton is a serious trainer but he also delivers serious results.  If you are familiar with Tony’s workouts then you might be a little surprised by this one. The program is not out yet but I did have the opportunity to try one of the workouts on the program the other weekend and I fell in love with it. It was very different than Tony’s normal goofy style.  With Beachbody’s 22 Minute Hard Corps, Tony takes on a no nonsense kind of attitude.  I am not sure if you are aware of Tony’s dedication to our military. Tony Horton spends a lot of time traveling to different military bases every year helping our military stay in shape with free workouts.

Tony Horton 22 Minute Hard Corp

Here is what Tony Horton has to say about 22 Minute Hard Corps. “If you can carve out 22 minutes a day to exercise — and believe me, everyone can — you have all the time you need to lean out and muscle up,” says Horton. “This program is fast. It’s furious. And it only requires a few key pieces of equipment. I don’t care how many times you’ve tried and failed to get in shape in the past — if you want to be leaner and stronger than you are right now, this program will get you there.”

Here is what I love about what I have seen with Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps:

  • Minimal equipment is needed
  • You can get an amazing workout in the 22 minutes
  • They have a wonderful modifier for those moves that are a tad too difficult for you ( yes I modify too :-> )
  • The moves are repeated so you can pick up on the moves easier
  • The exercises are  different than his normal moves but familiar enough to other moves you have done so you can master them quickly
  • I love the military style of motivation. It’s encouraging and motivating without me wanting to scream at the TV
  • It is designed for every fitness level, male or female.  Individuals just starting out on their fitness journey will not intimidated by Tony anymore 🙂
  • The meal plan is easy, covers recipes for common allergies, and provides you with plenty of recipes to maximize  your results. Check out this dish from his meal plan.


Tony Horton 22 Minute Hard Corp

The program consists of eight routines that alternate between total-body cardio and resistance workouts — one a day, six days a week. “This is a pretty big departure from P90X,” says Horton. “The workouts are shorter, the pace is often quicker, there’s more user participation, and most of the moves are easier to pick up. It’s back to basics for mind-blowing results.”

Here is a preview of this fun “Lets Get It Done” workout


It’s Fast, It’s Simple and It’s Effective

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