Continuing education is so important in the world of wellness. Each day we are discovering something new that can help us create the longevity and balance we all want in our life. I am a learning junkie.  I really believe learning is the cornerstone of living. My practice is built around the idea that each client is an individual. This means that every individual will have different needs and react differently to specific protocol. It is because of this I will continue to be a learning junkie.

You have my guarantee this list will never stop building.

My education and certifications include:
Masters in Counseling
Certified Gluten Practitioner
Certified Health & Wellness Counselor
Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist
Credentialed Education Counselor
Bachelors in Social Work
Certification as a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher
Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level I Training Gabrielle Bernstein

Make sure you check out the ” My Journey”page to  learn more about my story.


Course work in:
Emotional Eating
Mindfulness Meditation
Ayurvedic Living
The Art of Meditation
SuperLife Nutrition
Thyroid Balance
Holistic Natural Living
Pet Aromatherapy

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