When it comes to wellness, All in the Balance, Inc. focuses on PREVENTION. In today’s medical model we spend so much time trying to mask symptoms and zero time in trying to prevent them from occurring in the first place. You are unique; from the health issues you may be experiencing based on your life journey so far, to your needs and goals for your future. Because of this fact, I tailor different methodologies to facilitate the desired change. I believe in pulling the cognitive, meditative and nutritional components together to create a plan that involves small steps working towards the larger personalized goal. 
Because I tailor my approach with you, my sessions vary greatly according to the individual. There are, however, some standard components to each package. Each package includes:
  • A one-hour phone call each week focusing on a topic mutually agreed upon. These can be done on the phone or via Skype 
  • Unlimited email support during work hours
  • Weekly homework assignments to facilitate the desired goal
  • Daily “Mindfulness Tip of the Day” Email. These can include short meditations, affirmations, and other mindfulness tips
  • Personal Development Book Recommendations
  • I am qualified to run lab tests and offer professional level nutraceuticals for my clients (optional)
  • Invitation to join a Fitness and Eat Clean Private Facebook Group (optional)
If you are tired of starting over and are ready to finally create the life you deserve, please reach out to me. You can visit my health coaching store to find out more and do not forget you can always use the contact me form at the top of my website to ask for a free 15 minute consultation.
You deserve a life filled with health, wellness and happiness. It’s time to put YOU first. Because you can………………………….

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