Free Tea

Hey friends check out this Facebook Live Video to learn how you can get your hands on a tin of Free Organic Loose Leaf Tea AND an infuser. Things are slightly changing over at All in the Balance and I am so excited about it. I will no longer be carrying any of this...

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No Wine April- Week One Update

No Wine April has officially started. 7 nights are in the bag ( Is that how that saying goes? ) Check out the video below to see how the last 7 days went. I am in no way giving up the vino. I love and appreciate it way too much. However I do plan to bring it back with...

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No wine- Say What???????????

I know I know you are thinking have you lost your mind Judy? I might have but I hope not. Here is the ddeal friends, over the last few months I have gained some poundage and I am so not ok with that. I work way too hard with my clean diet and my time in the gym to...

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